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Vision Proper

(Where is God taking us?)



Mountaintop Vision (5 years or more)

Our aspirational picture of the future, our daring destination, our ultimate contribution as Lakeshore Drive Baptist Church will be guided by a template of spiritual formation leading to geographic saturation.


Milestone (3 to 5 years)

Vision-Based Storytelling

  • Detailed steps for members

  • New members class

  • Living language template


Next-Level Infrastructure

  • Update governing documents

  • Create new Sunday School units

  • Develop the leadership pipeline

  • Provide ongoing staff development

  • Update and enlarge facilities

  • Update technology


Spiritual Formation

  • Expand pastoral care by members

  • Enhance staff unity

  • Develop a clear disciple making process

  • Apply toolmaking skills


Worship Engagement

  • Develop generous givers

  • Ensure staff model worship engagement

  • Improve worship education



Vision  (1 year)

We will love our neighbors by expecting at least 150 of our church body to serve at least one hour monthly in community ministry by August 31, 2018.



Milestone During First Year (90 days)

Communication--Identify areas of service, communicate opportunities, report accomplishments, and tell life-change stories.


Organization--Discover point leaders, develop first steps, outline processes.


Training and Development--Develop a membership class, discipleship process, SHAPE.


Partnership Development--Coordinate collaboration among churches and organizations.




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