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Missional Motives

(Values--Why are we doing it?)

Transformational Relationships will be demonstrated by:

  • Introducing people to Jesus

  • Submitting our lives to Christ and to one another

  • Existing as a hub for community connection

  • Serving alongside community partners for the common good

Compassionate Servants will be demonstrated by:

  • Meeting spiritual, physical, and emotional needs however we can

  • Sharing our time and resources generously

  • Fostering a fellowship of encouragement and support

  • Partnering with ministry organizations and extending their reach

Missionary Spirit  will be demonstrated by:

  • Promoting and supporting ongoing missions

  • Going with the gospel wherever God sends

  • Planting new churches

  • Equipping local disciples to serve the world

Forward Thinking will be demonstrated by:

  • Investing in the lives of future Christian leaders

  • Dedicating ourselves to kingdom growth

  • Innovating ministry for an evolving community

  • Providing resources and facilities for future generations

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